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About me.

Doing everything I can to make somebody scream "Oh girl your silhouette make me wanna light a cigarette"

Long Island Walk: Tawanda Asamaowei - Walk to Defeat ALS®

I’m walking for ALS on September 20, 2014. I’d love some of my followers support. I know this seems like a trendy thing to do but one of my friends was just diagnosed with the debilitating disease just six weeks ago. She’s only 29 and we’re hoping that all of the attention from the Ice Bucket Challenge and on social media will help the families who fall victim to this tragic disease. Love ya lots.


Gym Instructor: So what’s your favourite machine to use here at the gym?

MeThe Vending Machine

So damn good.  Crazy fucking expensive.

So damn good. Crazy fucking expensive.



what are snails even trying to do

their best


Have you practiced your Anaconda squat today?

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  • me: *eatin sumn*
  • me: .....
  • me: ...
  • me: damn I shoulda got 7 of these..



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